A Tough Question


Recently ordered some traps from your company. I’m just wondering if you have any tips for how to best use them. I will frequently be running full 1500 watts RTTY and don’t want to fry the traps. I ordered your traps because the seem the toughest. How can I avoid killing them?


There is only one rule – TUNE them first.

Install and tune the antenna at installation time to the center frequency where you most go.

Transmit at reasonable resonant points without an antenna tuner on. Especially with RTTY and continuous duty output.

Remember: the higher the wattage, the more risk you will have.

The only comments that we have received are from users such as you, trying to go everywhere at high power.

The traps are rated at 2000 but at SSB not 100% duty cycle.

Thank you for specifying your use so we could properly inform you – sadly, most users do not inquire.