About Us

“Being the original has its advantages”

Welcome to our manufacturer site – we have added a number of additional features with more to come in the future. Since we are the manufacturer, we do carry the responsibility of supporting our many distributors and their customers. To these ends, we are developing our web site to let you know about your local Ham Dealer or if you don’t have a local dealer, you can order directly with us.

Either case, you will be purchasing a genuine UNADILLA product which has served the Ham Industry for many years and become the “defacto” standard that others have only been able to imitate. One primary reason we are able to continue to maintain our quality is that EVERY product is hand-assembled here in the United States – using the same manufacturing techniques that they were originally developed with.

While automation and off-shore manufacturing has the ability to produce electronics inexpensively – quality is the key underlying issue. Our products have been in the field and operating without failure for over 40 years – some people would say we build our accessories too well.

Regardless, we hope you enjoy some of the added functionality we have put into this site like:

    • Multilingual Conversion
    • Secure Online Purchasing
    • Product Focus Pages (with Tech Info to be added soon!)
    • Directory Links to our Distributors
    • and future version of the “DIGITAL” Dandy Dipole Workbook

Meanwhile, we look forward to answering any questions you may have.