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Unadilla Antennas

There are many ways to contact us because we are a real business, with buildings, walls, inventory, product and even people. Best of all, we are not a BIG business with a myriad of extensions, departments or bureaucracy which makes reaching us really easy when we are in:

If you are feeling a little nostalgic and have time on your hands you can mail us:

Unadilla Antenna Manufacturing Co.
56 East Ricker Road • Unit B
Loudon, NH 03307

You could always call us at the plant: 978.975.2711

Please note our NEW hours: (Tuesday – Thursday 10a-3p EST)

or even use that new-fangled thing called eMail:

OR complete the form on this page to send us a message…

    The Fine Print

    Privacy Policy

    Unadilla Antenna Manufacturing Co will not release, sell, or distribute any customer list or customer information to third parties.

    All credit card information on orders placed online with our shopping cart (via PayPal Business) is not available to anyone in our company, we receive only an authorization number confirming that your payment was received.


    One of the reasons, our products have stood the test of time in the Ham Community has been our consistent high standard of quality assembly. That said, it would be irresponsible to state that we have never had a product fail in the field. We can state that less than a handful are ever returned for warranty repair each year. We can also state that of those a fair percentage were compromised by some poorly matched antenna. For all the benefits antenna tuners provide, reliance on them has grown exponentially over the years.

    Return Policy

    Should a product appears to be defective, please contact us by email for return authorization (RA). Please note that any product or parts returned without an RA number clearly written on the outside of the box will be refused or you will be responsible for return postage.

    Mail to:



    Please bear in mind, that due to the fact that Unadilla has no control over the actual product’s usage or its installation, products that have been determined to fail due to unusually high duty-cycles, improper use, excessive power operation, or faulty installation would not be eligible for replacement. The power rating and duty-cycles are given in the specifications for each product. If a product or part is determined to be defective upon forensic examination, it will be replaced and returned to you.