W2DU Series Baluns & Isolators

W2DU Baluns use a ferrite sleeve to choke RF current on the cable shield!

The W2DU Maxi-Baluns owe their extremely high power capability to the fact that they contain no ferrite cores to saturate. Even at high SWR levels, the W2DU Baluns won’t generate harmonic radiation. The internal feed line passes through ferrite beads which prevent RF current from flowing on the coax shield.

Two 50 ohm 1:1 models are available; HF (1.8-30 mHz) and VHF (30-300 mHz).

  • At 10 mHz, the HF model handles over 10 KW PEP at VSWRs up to 2:1.
  • At 200 mHz, the VHF model handles over 3.2 KW PEP at VSWR’s up to 2:1.

Each W2DU Balun has a built-in lightning arrestor, hang up hook, and 600 lbs of pull-apart strength in a weatherized, rugged package using only stainless steel hardware.

Likewise our IN-LINE ISOLATORS have an SO-239 UHF type connector on both the input and output side. In-Line baluns provide similar performance to their respective wire balun counterparts. Applications for In-line baluns include line isolation anywhere along the coax transmission system and use on Quad and Yagi antennas. The W2DU’s RF choke design can be used anywhere along your coaxial transmission path to help eliminate RF feedback and TVI. While the RF currents flowing along the coax shield are “choked” out by the balun/isolator, the internal 50 ohm signal is completely unaffected. Some users have noted a reduction in interference with the use of line isolator between their transmitters (transceivers) and linear amplifiers. Another use is placing one at the vertical, beam, or quad antenna to augment the antenna’s matching system to coax.

= All W2DU series baluns are CURRENT type designs =

These fine Antenna products are now available only through Amateur Radio Dealers and Integrators

Model # Description MSRP(US)
W2DU HF 1.8 – 30MHz $37.00
W2DU VHF 20 – 300MHz $37.00
W2DU HF-B High Frequency Beam $39.00
W2DU VHF-B Very High Frequency Beam $39.00
W2DU INLINE-HF W2DU-HF Isolator with
Double SO-239 Connectors
W2DU INLINE-VHF W2DU-VHF Isolator with
Double SO-239 Connectors