In-line Coaxial Relays

Unadilla InLine Coaxial Relays

2 & 3 Position InLine Wired & Wireless Coaxial Relays

Unadilla’s 2 and 3 position InLine coaxial relays are available from Unadilla, the W2AU/W2DU Balun company.

Relays are available in either a Wired type or an Wireless type.

The Wired versions require DC power to be brought to the relay. The Wireless versions can decouple DC power injected into your coax cable through the use of a Power Coupler (refer to the next page).

The Wireless Relays you can inject the DC power required by the relay in the shack and have the relay operate at a remote location. These Wireless relays separate the RF signal from the DC voltage off the same coax line.

Wireless relays are therefore ideal for switching antennas at tower tops or locations far from the station where the required DC power is unavailable. Two and three position require 0 & +12 vdc and -12vdc & 0 & +12vdc, respectively.

All relays are weatherproofed for mounting outside.

2 & 3 Position Wired & Wireless Relays

Model # Description – Connector
101-W 0-180 MHz/2 Position
107U-W 0-300 MHz/2 Position
107N-W 0-950 MHz/2 Position
1013-W 0-180 MHz/3 Position
105 1.5-180 MHz/2 Position
108U 25-300 MHz/2 Position
108N 25-950 MHz/2 Position
1053 1.5-180 MHz/3 Position

Power Couplers

Unadilla’s InLine Power Couplers are for use with 2 & 3 Position Wireless Relays. These Couplers have a built-in switch to disconnect the power to the remote relay without effecting other items connected to your DC supply.

Related Couplers for Relays

Model# Description
C105B On-Off Coupler
C108BU On-Off Coupler
C108BN On-Off Coupler
C105C 3-Position Coupler
C105A Fixed Coupler
C108U Fixed Coupler
C108N Fixed Coupler