Multiband Antenna Traps


It is true that the REYCO TRAP LINE is currently retired. while we talk with companies and individuals interested in manufacturing and maintaining this product here in the USA. The REYCO W2VS line of traps provide a highly sought-after solution to a multiband wire antenna. We will announce more information as we are comfortable doing so.

Unadilla Multiband Antenna Traps

Avoid switching wire antennas to work different bands. Use Unadilla’s W2VS high performance traps to convert your single dipole into a tuned, multiband wire antenna. You can also use these traps to design HF vertical multiband antennas using either wire or aluminum tubing. Traps for different bands can be combined onto one dipole to create a single antenna tuned for maximum gain on all your favorite bands, from 160 to 10.

W2VS traps are available for 80 meters and up in two versions. A trap design guide is provided below to aid multiband dipole construction. Rated for 2KW PEP. Built from stainless steel and aluminum hardware to resist corrosion, these rugged traps have a pull strength of over 600 lbs. Trap coils are waterproofed and condensers are epoxy-sealed.

ALL TRAPS are currently SOLD OUT!

The release of our 30M and 40M traps was overwhelming. Until further notice

we have suspended all orders while we access the inventory demand.

Thank you for your patience while we work

to ensure our products live up to the standards we set decades ago.

= Production is currently on hold =

Traps/Reyco Coils (Matched Pairs)

  • KW-10 10 Meter (28.675 MHz)
  • KW-12 12 Meter (24.950 MHz)
  • KW-15 15 Meter (21.275 MHz)
  • KW-17 17 Meter (18.118 MHz)
  • KW-20 20 Meter (14.175 MHz)
  • KW-30 30 Meter (10.125 MHz)
  • KW-40 40 Meter (7.1500 MHz)
  • KW-40e 40 Meter European Band (7.100 MHz )
  • KW-60 60 Meter (5.360 MHz)
  • KW-80F 80F Meter (Phone Band) (3.875 MHz)
  • KW-80CW 80CW Meter (CW Band) (3.625 MHz)
  • KW-SPC Custom/M.A.R.S./C.A.P./Comm/Gov (3.000 to 30 MHz)

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