The Original “Dandy Dipole™”

The Original “Dandy Dipole™”

it’s true – due to popular demand (and nostalgia) we have brought back these incredibly efficient kits once again! Actually we had gotten a sweet deal on copper wire so these will only be available for as long as supplies last. Buy an extra Kit today, they make a great stocking stuffer for the budding Amateur you know!

Each “Dandy Dipole” MONO BAND Kit include (1) AN-sulator and (2) END-sulators and Copper Wire

Model# Description
DD10 Dandy Dipole 10 Meter with 20′ of Copper Wire
DD12 Dandy Dipole 12 Meter with 25′ of Copper Wire
DD15 Dandy Dipole 15 Meter with 30′ of Copper Wire
DD17 Dandy Dipole 17 Meter with 33′ of Copper Wire
DD20 Dandy Dipole 20 Meter with 35′ of Copper Wire
DD30 Dandy Dipole 30 Meter with 50′ of Copper Wire

Remember that prices are subject to change without notice (sorry copper prices can change greatly on demand) – as always we will advise you before completing any order

Contact your Amateur Radio Dealer or Integrator for current pricing and availability!