W2AU/W2VS Antenna Kit

This antenna is based on the 80/40M trap dipole design found in the ARRL Handbook. The W2AU balun is used with a pair of 40M traps to create a multiband dipole antenna capable of operating on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. It is approximately 110 feet in length and provides a relatively low SWR on these bands.

Model#  Description (multi-band pairs):  MSRP(US)


40/80 Meter 5 Band Antenna Kit – YOUR WIRE
W2AU/W2VS-w/Wir 40/80 Meter 5 Band Antenna Kit

W2AU/W2VS™ Antenna Kits include

(2)-KW40 meter traps, (2)-END-Sulators, and (1) W2AU 1:1 Balun

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